Party Casino Blackjack Bonus

Bonus Code 200ALLGAMES
Bonus Amount50% of deposit
Bonus Amount$/£/€ 200
Applicable GamesALL Games
Play through requirement20 times the deposit + bonus

Claim this exclusive bonus of 50% up to $200, to play blackjack at Party Casino.
Blackjack has always been the most popular game in the casino brick and mortar, and it is equally popular at the online casinos. It was also noted that the Blackjack is very popular among casino players because of high payout rates offered by this game. A number of online casinos have developed versions of blackjack of their own. Party Casino offers 7 versions of blackjack for blackjack players and an exclusive Party casino blackjack bonus to get started.

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You can enjoy up to five hands of blackjack at the single-player, multi-seat blackjack table at Party Casino. Party Casino has introduced a customisable table, new-look playing areas and a turbo function which lets you control the speed of the action. You can even use our keyboard shortcuts to play without using your mouse. It’s slick, stylish design and ease of play give you the blackjack experience you want.

Party Casino Blackjack Overview

– Cards 2 through 10 are evaluated as indicated
– Figures (jacks, queens and kings) are worth 10 points
– An ace counts as one or 11, if the statistical evaluation of 11 would result in the value of the hand for over 21 (bust), an ace counts as one
– Soft total: A hand containing an ace, which can be counted as 11 without a whole does not exceed 21 For example, Ace-6 is soft 17
– Hard Total: A hand containing an ace that can not be counted as one, since it has only 11 would raise their hands more than 21 years. For example, Ace-6-10 hard 17.
– Similarly between you and the house is known as a “push”, and means that no one wins or loses. If your first two cards are an Ace and a card of 10 points (jack, queen, king, or 10) is called a blackjack, and automatically win 1.5:1, unless the house ties.

Party Casino Blackjack Game Info

– The minimum bet is $ 1 and maximum is U.S. $ 500 for a seat. The maximum bet applies only to the original bet.
– Eight decks are used in various version of blackjack hands, and each box contains 52 cards
– The cards are shuffled after 20% of cards in the game has been used
– The dealer draws a card with a soft 17 and stands on hard 17
– You can split only once
– There is no limit on the number of cards that can be treated. There is limited only by choice (by clicking on “Stand”) or the total workforce is greater than or equal to 21, except in cases of marital separation and aces in the absence of several cards will be distributed.
– If the dealer has a 10, Jack, Queen, King or Ace as his first card, it will check if he has a blackjack before you draw the third card